What can we answer for You?

Here at CGMA we try to make everything as simple as possible. Listed below are our most popular questions about the course, payment and other related information. If you find that you have not discovered the answers you seek, please feel free to message us directly at 3d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com and a representative will be there to assist you.

  • When does the next term begin?

    The dates for each registration period can be found on our CALENDAR page of our website.

  • How does the virtual classroom work?

    The length of the course varies from class to class. Each one of the classes will comprise of the following: Every week, students will have access to a recorded lecture that can range from an hour to 2 hours. These lectures, upon release, can be rewatched as many times as the student needs throughout the duration of the class. Lectures will be followed by an assignment that the student has a week to complete and submit on time for instructor feedback. Each student receives INDIVIDUAL video recorded feedback on their work followed by a live Q&A session to wrap up the week and answer any questions students have about their feedback or related material. These live sessions are optional and are also recorded, so if you cannot attend them, you can always ask your questions in advance and watch your instructor's answer in the recording posted in the classroom. CGMA is an online academy, so we have created a virtual structure that will allow students to use a global chat system, classroom forums for communication between students and instructors and a classroom gallery so students can view and comment on each other's assignment submissions. Our online community thrives and is a great place for students around the world to grow and network with their fellow artists and instructors.

  • Will there be set class times?

    With the exception of the Live Q&A, and a day for assignment submission set by your instructor starting the course, there will be no set class times. You can both review and complete your current week's lecture and assignments at your own pace. At the end of each week we will have access to next week’s lectures.

  • What is the estimated time for each weeks course load?

    We estimate 8-12 hours each week of work per class. However, we suggest students spend as much time as needed to properly complete and comprehend the weeks assignment. Ultimately, this number will be different for each individual. Just make sure to allow enough time for assignment review and completion (at least an hour and a half each day).

  • How are all course lectures released?

    All course lectures are released as high quality video presentations- by a qualified instructor -that can be streamed through your browser. All other course content (i.e. individual critiques, Live Q&A's, forum post, etc.) is presented with a mixture of video and written formats.

  • How will students and instructors engage each other?

    In general, each student will get weekly feedback from the instructor- about their work and progress -on a central class forum. It is here that individual students and the instructor can engage in open dialog similar to that found in traditional classrooms.

  • Can I have my personal/other work critiqued by the instructor during the course?

    Yes but instructors are not required to critique your personal projects. Only course related assignments can be submitted for critique by an instructor during a course program. All other work can be uploaded and critique by fellow classmates.

  • Are CGMA course/programs accredited?

    No- CGMA is not an accredited degree-granting institution and we are not part of a full time degree program. Although we are working on obtaining such election/designation, it will take literally years of processing before we are elected/approved to any accrediting body.

  • What happens when the course ends? Can I still access lecture content?

    At the end of the last week, students gain an additional 30 days of viewing time for their classroom. During this period it's important for students to review as much of the provided content as possible (i.e. course lectures, Live Q&A sessions and other students' feedback), before the classroom closes between terms. Please note that the classroom chat feature remains active 24/7 year round.

  • What is CGMA's Absence Policy?

    In the event that you need to take a break between school terms (up to a maximum of 2 consecutive terms) you must notify our admissions department at 3d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com letting us know you won't be registering for courses next term. You will not be able to automatically register once you are absent a term or more. When you're ready to return, please notify our admissions department 3d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com at least one week prior to that term's open registration period (in order to receive your unique registration link). Since class space is limited, students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis (based on course availability).

    Notes to consider:

    • During your break from the program, you will still have access to the website.
    • If you have paid for the program's courses in advance, you will be able to transfer these funds to another term as long as your resuming term date is within the same fiscal year from your original purchase. You will be issued a refund minus an administration fee in the event that there are any unused funds in your account by the end of the year.
  • What is CGMA's Refund Policy?

    In general, there are no refunds for CGMA courses. 

    However, in case of an emergency,  you must contact CGMA at least 5 days prior to the start of the course for a refund. Regardless of the situation, a 5% processing fee is incurred on all transactions. The contact email is 3d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com . You will be sent a form to fill out immediately to consider your request for refund.

    Remember, that when you register for a class you hold a seat that cannot be transferred to another student once class starts, especially on a course that is filled to capacity. Any type of refund must be requested within the same fiscal year of the original purchase. 

    Nevertheless, here are some of the options that we provide to our CGMA students who may be experiencing emergencies special circumstances:

    • Request of enrollment cancellation during the first week of a term could qualify for a refund, minus a 15% cancellation fee of the price of a term. 
    • Request of enrollment cancellation during the second week of a term (prior its 5th day) could qualify for a refund, minus a 20% cancellation fee. 
    •  Request of a Class Transfer into the next term. Transfers from one term to the other may be allowed, however, an administrative fee equivalent to 20% of the course cost will be collected before the student can be confirmed on the next term's roster. Transfer must be requested within the first week of the term and a higher rate will apply if the transfer is approved and moves student's graduation date to a different fiscal year.

    Ultimately, the decision to refund any amount of money will be made completely at CGMA Online's discretion. 

    However, should a student be unable to fulfill his/her course obligations due to illness, personal tragedy, jury duty, or military deployment, please write to us at 3d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com with your Name, Title of Enrolled Course, and the nature of your problem, and we will determine your refund eligibility on an individual basis. Keep in mind some documentation supporting your situation may be requested.

  • Am I allowed to talk to other students?

    We currently do not have any financial aid at this moment for the 3d program. However, we recommend for those in need of financial assistance to seek personal/educational loans or participate in employee training reimbursement programs from their employers. We can help provide any documentation you may need to apply to certain programs in your area. Also, you can explore Paypal's "Bill me Later" feature. You can find more information about this offer here.

    You can also use your credit card to purchase through Paypal without having to make an actual Paypal account, or try our new Payment Plan option.

  • Can pre-scheduled live Q&A dates/times change throughout the term?

    Yes! Although rare, this can occur due to a holiday, an instructor's production schedule constraints, and/or unexpected technical issues. Since all live Q&A sessions are schedule ahead of time (i.e. before the term begins), they are subject to change due to their live nature. Nevertheless, all live Q&A’s will be conducted before the end of the class. This will be accomplished either through:

    • An announced rescheduled make-up session later in the week
    • By hosting an extended live Q&A session (i.e. at least twice as long) in the following week
  • Can a live Q&A be suspended?

    Unfortunately, yes. In the rare event that an instructor starts a live Q&A session and finds that all of the following conditions exist:

    • None of the students in the class joined the session.
    • None of the students in the class submitted any homework for that week.
    • None of the students in the class posted questions in the Q&A thread of the classroom.

    The instructor reserves the right to not conduct the live Q&A for that particular week.

  • How do Payment Plans work?

    Students who wish to split a single or multiple class purchase into two smaller installments, can now do so using this feature. At the time of final purchase students will be presented with the option to pay by either: "PayPal," "Credit Card," or through our new "Register with Installments" option. For existing students, this will be after you log in and make your class selection(s). For new students, this will be at the end of the registration form you complete after making your class selection(s). In either case, the rest is pretty simple. After making your class/course selection(s).

    Installment / Payment Plans Guide

    For the Winter Term registration period beginning on Monday, November 13th, we will be only allowing the purchase of seat reservations for $50 USD per-course until 11:59 PM (PST) on December 31, 2017. All seat reservations purchased during this time will have the remaining amount due for the course deducted on Friday, January 5, 2018PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS $50 RESERVATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Beginning January 1, 2018, all purchases made using the installment plan feature will revert back to our normal two-part payment process. This means the second half of payments for courses purchased before midnight on Sunday, January 14, 2018, will be due/deducted on Friday, January 26, 2018. Any course purchased on/after Monday, January 15, 2018, will have the second payment due on Monday, February 5, 2018. So please make sure that sufficient funds are available around these dates/times (depending on when you pay) to prevent a disruption in your enrollment process.

    *Please note that any Payment Plan transactions that qualify for a refund are subject to our standard 5% processing fee.

  • Are courses purchased with the Payment Plan option refundable?

    Yes! All eligible Payment Plan transactions are refundable. Please see our Refund Policy below for more information about how refunds work.

  • What if I need more time to make the final payment?

    Please immediately write to finance@cgmasteracademy.com as soon as you become aware of this. Make sure to include "URGENT | Payment Plan Issue" in the subject. We will try our best to work with you on what options you can take in such situations.

  • Will you offer more payment plan options in the future?

    Yes! We are currently working on additional payment plan options. But these won’t be ready until the Fall term at the earliest.

  • What if my question wasn't answered/covered here?

    Please write to payments@cgmasteracademy.com with any questions you may have. Make sure to include "Payment Plan Inquiry" in the subject.

  • Does CGMA offer any grants?

    In partnership with the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund  (CSATF) and the Animation Guild IATSE Local 839, CGMA courses qualify for tuition reimbursement through the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program.

  • Who can participate?

    Members can be any person who works in the motion picture, theatrical/stage, sound, and or supporting industries (i.e. producers, directors, technicians, basic crafts locals, etc.), and is a part of their associated labor organization. If you would like to find out if you qualify as a member, please call the CSATF at: 818.847.0040 Ext.1260, or visit there website.

  • What is CSATF? What is The Animation Guild?

    CSATF is a non-profit organization that administers a variety of programs for the benefit of the motion picture and television industry. The Animation Guild is a labor organization that represents animation and visual effects artists.

  • How do I participate?

    This program, which is administered by the Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund (the "Fund") on behalf of entertainment industry employers, has been created to provide reimbursements to qualified members (or payments to vendors) for certain eligible approved training expenses that you incur in connection with your employment.

    In order to participate in the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program, CGMA students- who are Fund members -will need to provide the Fund with substantiation or proof that you, in fact, incurred the expenses for which you are receiving reimbursement (or for which the Fund is making payments to vendors). Proof of tuition from CGMA courses consist of either a copy of your PayPal receipt or a Certificate of Completion for the course. This substantiation must be submitted to the Fund within a reasonable time after the expense is incurred.

    If you would like to file for tuition reimbursement, please download, fill out the latest Vendor Provided Training Skills Training Application here.

    All forms should be submitted directly to CSATF.

    Via email:


    In person or by mail to:

    CSATF Attn: Skills Training
    2710 Winona Avenue
    Burbank, CA 91504            

    By Fax:


    If you have any questions, please call the CSATF at:  818.847.0040    Ext. 1260

  • Is there a list of CSATF Certified Courses?

    Here is the list of all CGMA courses with their CSATF Certified Training Program information. Please note that the grant will only cover 2/3rd's of the allowable amounts mentioned here.

    2D1110 Perspective $699.00   3D5525 Rigging Techniques: Cartoon to Realistic $699.00
    3D2210 Intro to Maya $998.00   2D3311 Fundamentals of Environment Design $699.00
    2D1111 Dynamic Sketching 1 $699.00   3D5526 Advanced Matte Painting $699.00
    3D2211 Introduction to Environment Art $998.00   2D3312 Environment Sketching for Production $699.00
    2D1112 Dynamic Sketching 2 $699.00   3D5527 Biomedical Imaging in 3D $699.00
    3D2212 Introduction to Zbrush $499.00   2D3313 Environment Design 1 $699.00
    2D1113 Analytical Figure Drawing $699.00   3D5528 Environment Modeling $699.00
    3D2213 Introduction to Marvelous Designer $499.00   2D3314 Environment Design 2 $699.00
    2D1114 Animal Drawing $699.00   3D5529 2D Concept Art - Creature Design $599.00
    3D2214 UE4 Modular Environments $998.00   2D3315 Visual Development for Animation $699.00
    2D1115 Fundamentals of Design $699.00   3D5530 Rigging the Body $649.00
    3D2215 Intro to Substance for Environments $499.00   2D3316 Matte Painting $699.00
    2D1116 Environment Sketching $699.00   3D5531 Animation for Crowds $649.00
    3D2216 Hair Creation and Styling $749.00   2D3317 Vehicle and Mech Design $699.00
    2D1117 Digital Painting $699.00   3D5532 Advanced Environment Design for Film $649.00
    3D5510 Body Mechanics $699.00   2D4411 2D Animation: Body Mechanics $699.00
    2D1118 Fundamentals of Character Design $699.00   3D5533 Compositioning in NUKE $649.00
    3D5512 Absolute Beginners $699.00   2D4413 Anatomy of Clothing $699.00
    2D1119 The Art of Color and Light $699.00   3D5534 Creating and Styling CG Hair $649.00
    3D5515 Scripting & Tool Dev. For Maya $699.00   2D4414 Character Illustration for Film $699.00
    2D2210 Head Drawing and Construction $699.00   3D5536 Digital Figure Painting $599.00
    3D5516 Lighting and Shading with Arnold for Maya $499.00   3D1110 Production Modeling $749.00
    2D2211 Character Design for Animation $699.00   3D5537 NukeX, NukeStudio & Modo in Commercials $699.00
    3D5517 Nuke Compositioning for 3D Artists $699.00   3D1111 Anatomy for Production $ $1,498.00
    2D2212 Costume Design $699.00   3D5538 Environmental Texturing $649.00
    3D5518 Concept Art: From 2D to 3D $699.00   3D1112 Animal Anatomy $749.00
    2D2213 Character Design for Production $699.00   3D5539 Creating Comics: Drawing & Sketching $649.00
    3D5519 Photogrammetry $499.00   3D1113 Creature Sculpting $749.00
    2D2214 Storyboarding for Animation $699.00   3D5540 Animating Creatures $699.00
    3D5520 Cloth Simulation $699.00   3D1114 Character Casting $ $1,498.00
    2D2215 Art Direction for Character Designers $699.00   3D5541 3D Character Design $999.00
    3D5522 Becoming a Better Artist $599.00   3D1115 Texturing $749.00
    2D2216 Creature Design for Film $699.00   3D5542 Introduction to Environment Design for Film $649.00
    3D5523 Character Facial Rigging for Production $699.00   3D1116 Texturing for Film/Cinematics $749.00
    2D2217 Character Design for Film $699.00   3D5543 Asset Creation $699.00
    3D5524 Intro to Digital Matte Painting $699.00   3D1117 Character Creation for Films/Cinematics $ $1,498.00
    2D3310 Fundamentals of Architecture Design $699.00   3D5545 Creating Comics: Illustration & Composition $649.00
    3D1118 Character Creation for Games $1,498.00   3D5546 Realistic Character Texture Painting in Mari $649.00