Character Arts Program

Our courses are designed specifically to guide our students through the process of what it takes to be a well-rounded and seasoned character artist. Throughout our courses, students will understand the importance of becoming effective with their tools, fluent in human anatomy, understand what makes a compelling character and how to finalize and polish their work to industry standards. At the end of our program, you will be taking all your hard work and things you've learned, and producing your very own Demo Reel to help you land that first (or next) industry job!

In order to qualify for a program certificate of completion, students must enroll and take at least nine courses in a program. This can be some combination of a programs standard block courses, elective and/or studio courses. Additionally, students must earn a certificate of completion for at least eight of the courses taken. In some circumstances- and at CGMA's discretion -certain courses can be swapped out with courses from another program in order to meet the minimum requirements for a program certificate of completion.